Astro Alloys Brands

With over 35 years of experience in product research and development, Astro Alloys is an Australian company supplying top quality, cutting edge welding, industrial, and rural supplies.  The Astro Alloys range of products is designed to help you do it right the first time and outperform the competition to give you expert results.

Astro Alloys Welding

The Astro Alloys superior range of Australian welding supplies are designed for a wide range of welding applications.  This product range offers solutions for maintenance and repair welding across a variety of different industries.  The Astro Alloys range includes the finest quality specialised arc welding alloys, oxyacetylene alloys, wear pads, MIG wires and TIG wires.

Astro EcoTech

Quality eco friendly cleaning supplies and maintenance products used widely in the hotel and hospitality industries, health, agriculture and farming, as well as by individuals.  EcoTech is a range of safe, effective alternatives for septic tank treatment, car care products, restaurant cleaning supplies, industrial laundry supplies, bathroom cleaning supplies, disinfectant, janitorial cleaning supplies, and pest control.

Crown Fertilisers

Leading plant nutrition products for farming and agriculture, and turf fertiliser for the sports turf industry.  Crown’s expert fertiliser range includes Multi Release Protected Nitrogen Fertiliser, High Analysis Fertiliser, High Analysis Multi Trace Fertiliser, Organic Based Fish Fertiliser, Concentrated Soil Wetting Agent, Organic Soil Conditioner with Humic and Fulvic Acids, and Boosted Liquid Fertiliser to Correct Iron Deficiencies.