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With over 35 years of knowledge and experience in the welding and maintenance industries, Astro Alloys supplies the finest welding electrodes available for maintenance and repair solutions.  Save money, reduce downtime and professionally repair machinery on site.  You don’t have to be a welding expert to get expert results with the Astro Alloys welding range.  When you have a machinery breakdown, you need to have your equipment back up and working immediately.  Astro Alloys are the finest quality welding products available on the market today.

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Astro 165 Flux

Astro 210FC Brazing - Product Photo

Astro 210FC Brazing

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Astro 215FC Brazing

Astro 240FC Brazing - Product Photo

Astro 240FC Brazing

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Astro 375 MIG Solid Wire

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Astro 388 Super Alloy

Astro 902 Ni-Mn AC/DC - Product Photo

Astro 902 Ni-Mn AC/DC

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Astro 940 AC/DC

Astro Super Wear Pads - Product Photo

Astro Super Wear Pads

Astro Super Wear Pads - Product Photo

Astro Wear Pad Pack

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Manual Spray Powder