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Diversity@Work 2008 Awards


Diversity @ Work Awards 2008

Astro Alloys receives award, commended by Sir Bob Geldof

AUSTRALIA, 14  November 2008:  Hervey Bay company Astro Alloys has won a 2008 Diversity@Work award in recognition of their commitment to employing mature age workers.

Astro Alloys Aust was joint winner of the mature age category for small and medium businesses at a gala dinner attended by Sir Bob Geldof, World Vision Australia Chief Executive Reverend Tim Costello and Minister for Employment Participation Brendan O’Connor. (Astro shared the award with Adage).

The 8th annual awards recognise employers who create a business that is inclusive for all its workers, clients and the broader community.

“Diversity is as critical to man as biodiversity is to nature… there is no option. Different systems of thought and behaviour add to the dynamism of any company.

“A country can’t grow without using all the cultures, all the talent, all the dynamism of the people of Australia – their abilities, and disabilities,” said Sir Bob Geldof.

Astro Alloys Human Resources Manager Danielle Hore said the company had created an inclusive and diverse organisational structure to accommodate the needs of mature age workers and organisation.

“Astro Alloys has created attractive employment opportunities for mature age workers and developed retention strategies that encourage mature age staff to continue working,” Ms Hore said.

“We also provide training and development opportunities and create flexible work practices.

“Our objective is to remain a preferred employer for mature age workers and to be well placed to fill critical job vacancies.   By placing the business in a position to attract and retain more mature age workers we can attract better workers from a shrinking pool of talent.”

Diversity@Work CEO Mark Heaysman says employers across Australia must do more to give mature age workers, people with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds a fair go and these awards recognised businesses which are making a real difference.

“It is disappointing that many businesses across Australia do not focus on giving older workers a chance. These awards show what is possible and should be an example for others.

“There’s no reason Australia shouldn’t be the world leader when it comes to workplace diversity. We have a wide population indigenous workers, mature-aged workers, people with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds, as well as return to work parents.

“These awards are a reminder to every organisation throughout the country to step up. I congratulate Astro Alloys on setting such a fine example,” says Heaysman.

“Astro Alloys recognises and values the differences of mature age workers, and have built consideration for these differences into our recruitment and selection processes.  As a result, our business has benefited in many ways from the diversity of contributions,” Ms Hore said.

“Businesses which celebrate and embrace diversity can make a real difference in the community,” Mr Heaysman added.

“This year we had 110 nominees and I thank and congratulate both the winners and the businesses which entered the awards for their ongoing efforts.”

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