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N-Zyme Septic Treatment

Enzyme & Microbe Liquid Septic Tank and Drain Cleaner

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N-Zyme is a new high performance environmentally responsible cleaner that removes odours from septic tanks and assists in keeping drains clear. It is useful in breaking down the sludge, oil and grease responsible for clogging pipes and septic systems, and is a cost effective method of maintaining your septic and saving on pump out costs.  N-Zyme is a bio-technical device, powered by microscopic organisms and enzymes that work fast at cleaning. It’s highly adapted micro-organisms eat the sludge in septic tanks, digesting and breaking down the odour causing waste into safe simple materials. The product also contains a range of nutrients and dispersants to magnify the results by multiplying organism levels and aiding in the breakdown of larger particles in solution. It is completely safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, natural, hypoallergenic, and cruelty free.

All AUSTRALIAN made and designed, N-Zyme has been designed to be used FIRST as a general cleaner and is then washed down the drains after use to treat septic systems. The 3 phase system then begins to work by breaking down solidified fats. Via a chemical process, the dispersants present in N-Zyme break the solids into smaller particles, which the enzymes can then attack more readily. The Enzymes then in turn convert them into simpler materials at the atomic level, most of which can be easily dissolved in water or consumed by microbes. Use N-Zyme for a completely safe and natural approach to septic maintenance. N-Zyme is packaged in eco-friendly bulk buy sizes, allowing you to benefit economically whilst reducing your environmental packing waste impact.

FIRST APPLICATION – Flush 1-2 Lt of N-Zyme into septic system via toilet last thing at night to ensure optimum activation of enzymes and micro-organisms.  This is only required for your FIRST use of N-Zyme.  Then continue with monthly maintenance application.

MONTHLY APPLICATION – Use N-Zyme to clean toilets and bathrooms, then flush down drains to clean them and the septic system.  Only 200ml is needed per month to maintain efficiency.

TOILETS/BATHROOMS/KITCHEN/ODOUR REMOVAL – Dilute N-Zyme at 1:10 parts water. Spray/sponge walls, benches, toilet seats, toilet bowls, etc.  Leave for a short time to allow enzymes to work, then rinse off or wipe down with water. (100ml makes 1Lt ready to use solution)

DRAINS – Pour 50ml down the offending drain last thing at night, and allow time for the enzymes and microbes to work.  Longer is better.

LEACH DRAINS – Automatically treated when septic is treated.

HARD FLOORS – Dilute at 1:25-1:40 parts water.  Mop or sponge. Not for use on carpets.

    • Australian Made & Owned
    • Bulk Buy & Save
    • Recycle
    • Non Toxic
    • Environmentally Responsible
    • Cruelty Free
    • Green Approved
    • Natural Probiotics & Enzymes
    • Septic Safe, Bio-Cycle Safe, Grey Water Safe

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