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Iron Outlaw Boosted Fertiliser

Iron and Nitrogen Boosted Liquid Fertiliser

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Iron and Nitrogen Plant Fertiliser for Farming and Greenkeeping

IRON OUTLAW corrects iron deficiencies and strengthens plants. When plants are strong and healthy, they have the natural ability to resist disease, reducing the need for fungicides. This unique formulation restores a healthy green in all sports turf and cropping situations.


Nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen is required in the highest quantity of all the nutrients, it can be absorbed by plants in either nitrate (NO3-) or ammonium (NH4+) forms. Nitrogen is found in amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll and genetic material and is required in the highest concentration in plant parts that are actively growing such as young leaves, flowers, fruits and root tips. If Nitrogen is deficient, plant growth will be stunted and older leaves will pale or yellow.

Sulfur (S)
Sulfur is part of every living cell. It is required for manufacturing chloroplasts and the synthesis of some amino acids and proteins.  Sulfur is also important in photosynthesis and crop winter hardiness. Leguminous plants need sulfur for efficient nitrogen fixation.  Deficiencies may result in reduced growth in leaves and thin brittle stems.

Iron (Fe)
Iron is involved in the production of chlorophyll, and is necessary for photosynthesis. It is also an enzyme cofactor, associated with energy transfer, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation. Iron uptake decreases in alkaline soils (high pH), and plants with iron deficiencies mainly manifests in interveinal chlorosis (yellowing between veins) due to the low levels of chlorophyll, beginning first in the younger leaves. Extreme cases may result in almost white leaves.

Magnesium (Mg)
Magnesium has many roles, however the greatest is in chrolophyll molecule, required for photosynthesis. Plants that are deficient in magnesium will display interveinal chlorosis of older mature leaves.

Manganese (Mn)
Manganese is necessary for building chloroplasts and other functions within a plant. Like iron, manganese uptake decreases in alkaline soils, and may manifest in brown spots on the leaves or delayed maturity.



Tomatoes, Vines, Pineapples: Dilute at 1:100 parts water. Foliar spray 3L/HA as required in addition to your regular program.

Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Avocados: Dilute at 1:100 parts water. Foliar spray 3L/HA monthly in Autumn and Spring

Vegetables, Leafy Greens, Beans, Pasture: Dilute at 1:100 parts water. Foliar spray monthly during cooler months or when new leaves begin to show chlorosis.

Cereals: Dilute at 1:100 parts water, mixing well. Apply foliar 3L/HA as required in addition to your regular program.

Greens & Tees: Dilute at 1:50 parts water. Foliar spray 200mL/100Sq.M monthly during Autumn and Winter in addition to your regular program.

Fairways & Sports Turf: Dilute at 1:50 parts water, mixing well. Foliar spray 10L/HA as required for a green boost, disease resistance or pre-dormancy.

Gardens & Trees: Dilute at 1:150 parts water, mixing well. Spray overhead 2-3L/HA monthly in Spring and Autumn, total 6 applications.

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