Crown Fertilisers

Plant Nutrition and Turf Fertiliser

Crown Fertilisers specialty plant nutrition range was developed by agronomists, perfected by a team of chemists, formulated using the finest quality ingredients and is manufactured in an ISO9000 accredited facility. Proudly Australian made and specifically developed for Australian conditions, the Crown Fertilisers range provides cutting edge products formulated to meet plant nutritional requirements and deliver the end user with maximum results.

For 20 years, Crown Fertilisers has been providing Australian agriculture, horticulture and sporting clubs with the finest quality liquid fertilisers and plant nutrition products. This division of Astro Alloys (Aust) Pty Ltd continues to advance it’s product technology to ensure the best match between agronomic and operational requirements.

USAGE SITUATION: Private Use, Gardening Enthusiasts, Botanical Gardens, Agriculture, Farming, Golf Clubs, Bowling Greens, Horse Racing, Football Clubs, Councils, Nurseries.

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