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Xylon Bio Charge Soil Conditioner

Organic Soil Conditioner Humic and Fulvic Acids

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BIO CHARGE is a unique blend of liquid humic and fulvic acids with organic catalysts, designed to enhance microbial activity, soil health and increase the availability of macro, secondary and micro nutrients in the soil, effectively increasing the uptake of these nutrients.  Can be used both in farming and greenkeeping applications.

Humus is a complex mix of organic constituents, formed as a direct result from the breakdown of the organic matter.  As a result of microbial activity in the soil, the further breakdown of humus is known as HUMIC ACIDS.

Bio Charge is designed to enhance the uptake of macro-nutrients (NPK + Ca, Mg, S) and trace elements eg. Fe, Zn, Mn, promote chelation and increase availability of these nutrients.



  • Organic Catalyst – Rich in Mineral Substances
  • Increased Root Respiration and Formation
  • Retains Water Soluble Fertilisers in Soil
  • Improves Friability of Soil
  • Stimulates Plant Enzymes



Greens & Tees: Dilute at 1:100 parts water and spray 100mL/100Sq.M monthly.

Fairways & Sports Turf: Dilute at 1:200 parts water (1:100 in sandy soils), mixing well. Foliar spray 1L/HA every month or 3L/HA quarterly.

Gardens & Trees: Dilute at 1:200 parts water, mixing well.  Apply 2L/HA quarterly.

Fruit & Nut Trees: Dilute at 1:100 parts water.  Apply 2.5L/HA Bi-monthly.

Broadacre, Cereals: Dilute at 1:100 parts water.  Apply 1L/HA monthly, minimum 5L/HA per season.

Vegetables, Grapes, Vines: Dilute at 1:200 parts water.  Apply 2L/HA monthly, min 10L/HA per season. Vines: apply to soil from bud burst.

Best used as part of a balanced organic program with BIO WETTA and BIO FISH.  Store away from direct sunlight, apply in the cool of the day.  More will be required in sand, silt or clay based soils.

Mixing Instructions: 1/3 fill mixing tank, add chemicals compatible with BIO CHARGE, stir/agitate well whilst adding XYLON-BIO WETTA  wetting agent.  Finally add CROWN NPK fertilisers and BIO CHARGE as required.  Maintain agitation whilst filling mixing tank.

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15Lt, 45Lt, 75Lt, 150Lt, 480Lt


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