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Everglaze Premium Vehicle Wash

Premium Avant-Garde Polymer Wash

From: $379.05 (includes shipping across Australia)


Everglaze is a high powered synthetic vehicle wash, formulated by enthusiasts to clean and shield your pride and joy from the harmful effects of UV rays, road grime, industrial fallout and acid rain. It protects paint with a highly durable, ultra high-gloss film that resists and repels dirt and grime.  Watch as each application builds colour depth, gloss and clarity, resulting in a glass-like finish.

Everglaze is a new generation high powered vehicle wash designed to achieve a professional quality finish. The secret is a magnetic polymer that actively reduces the appearance of minor scratches and swirl marks.  Wash in the cool of the day, out of direct sunlight. Hose/pressure rinse vehicle rinse vehicle first to remove excess dirt and dust. Ensure hot surfaces are cooled with water prior to washing. Chamois dry after washing.

GENERAL CLEANING – Dilute at 1:50 parts water and apply with a pressure sprayer, or sponge. For light dust/dirt, oil and bugs allow to sit for 2 minutes before rinsing off, then chamois dry. Dried on bugs may require re-treatment. (20ml makes 1Lt solution)

HEAVY DUTY – Dilute at 1:30 parts water and apply to surface, preferably with pressure sprayer. A rich lather will result. Allow to cling to the surface as long as possible before pressure rinsing off, then chamois dry. Warm water will provide the best results on bugs. (33ml makes 1Lt solution)

  • Australian Made & Owned
  • Buy Bulk & Save
  • Recycle
  • Biodegradable
  • No Silicone
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Phosphorus

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10Lt, 15Lt, 45Lt, 75Lt, 150Lt


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