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Astro 902 Ni-Mn AC/DC

Special Electrode for Welding Manganese Steel

Astro 902 Ni-Mn is the Electrode for Welding Manganese and Alloy Steels.  Astro 902 is an all positional electrode, designed for fabrication and buildup of managanese steels, that can withstand severe impact and shock loading.

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Astro 902 has a low hydrogen coating and will deposit austenitic weld metal that is high in ductility and strength.  The welds provide excellent resistance to heavy impact and compressive loads.  The weld metal on the surface will work harden; below the surface it will remain tough and ductile.  Astro 902 has proven to be superior in performance and less expensive than stainless steel electrodes for most applications on manganese steels.  Deposits can be cut with oxy-acetylene torch.



  • Formulated for heavy earth moving and mining equipment
  • Best suited for continuous severe impact and compressive forces
  • Excellent for attachment of wear plates, teeth and manganese steels
  • Crack resistant
  • Can be cut with standard gas equipment
  • Surface will work harden



  • Tensile Strength: Up to 800 Mpa (116,000 P.S.I.)
  • Yield Strength: Up to 430 Mpa (62,000 P.S.I.)
  • Elongation: 45 to 50%
  • Hardness (as welded): 20 R.C.
  • Work Hardened: 48 R.C.



Recommended for use where the welds are subject to constant severe impact and heavy compressive tools.  Used to attach wear plates, blades, teeth and other parts to heavy equipment.  Other applications are mill hammers, crusher lines, dipper teeth and lips, drag line buckets, railroad switches and crusher jaws.



No special technique is required but some general recommendations should be followed.

Do not weld on base metal that is not clean or sound.

Be sure that the base metal has not been hardened.

No preheating is necessary.

Keep the base metal heat to a minimum by using large electrodes, low amperage and short arc length.

Skip welding is recommended followed by peening to reduce stress.

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4.0mm, 5.0mm


5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 45Kg


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