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Astro Chamfer Rod AC/DC

Electrode for chamfering, gouging, veeing out and beveling all metals.

Chamfering electrode for use on all types of metals.  Can be used AC or DC.

From: $287.40 (includes shipping across Australia)



An important feature of this electrode is it’s flux coating.  The flux serves two purposes:

  • To protect the core wire from over heating due to high amperages
  • To produce large volumes of gas to remove more material per electrode

Any welding machine, either AC or DC with sufficient capacity will operate this electrode without the use of expensive gases and equipment or compressed air.

On stainless steel, this electrode is superior to other means of preparation because:

  • There is less oxidation of the weld zone because it is surrounded with ionised metal
  • There is less carbide precipitation because the chamfering speed is so fast, the weld area is held at the critical heat range for a shorter time.



  • Excellent for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including difficult metals such as bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, and manganese steel
  • Requires no special equipment or gas
  • Leaves clean kerf ready for welding
  • Use with any machine and holder
  • Will not ionise weld area



Chamfering and gouging of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  When chamfering and beveling cast iron, it not only produces a clean groove, but the arc ‘sears’ the base metal and burns out grease, oil, moisture and some of the excess carbon which, in most cases, would produce a hard, brittle, porous weld that is difficult to machine.

  • Preparing bronze, cast iron and stainless steel prior to welding
  • Removing unwanted metal and fittings
  • Removing unwanted welds
  • Hard to get at places
  • Bronze bushes

Diameter 3.2mm
Amperage 160-250



The use of DC straight polarity will produce the cleanest, fastest grooves.  But AC may still be used.  Hold electrode at a low angle to the work (between 7 and 15 degrees).  Strike the arc, point electrode in the direction of travel and push the electrode along the line to be cut.

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5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 45Kg, 75Kg


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