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Astro 200 Low Alloy Misc Steels

The Finest Universal Welding Electrode Low amperage, low spatter electrode for welding low alloy, miscellaneous and mild steels.  Excels in out of position work, especially vertically down.

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Astro 200 is an electrode for both the beginner and experienced welder. The special coating makes this electrode unique, in that it is almost impossible to ‘stick’ the electrode to the work; yet strong, smooth welds are produced with very little spatter. This is an electrode the experienced welder can use when he requires a high speed rod that will produce X-ray quality welds and keeps heat distortion to a minimum.


Our Astro 200 is excellent for welding galvanised or rusty steels, piping, storage tanks, bridges, building structures and fabrication of mild steel plates. It can be used on thin material involving low alloy steels and other applications where high ductility and freedom from porosity are essential.


  • High speeds can be used without undercut
  • Ideal for use on all steel applications
  • Super easy slag removal
  • High tensile / High yield
  • Avg 25% elongation
  • All positional



  • Tensile strength: Up to 76,000 P.S.I. (520 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: Up to 65,000 P.S.I. (450 Mpa)
  • Elongation: 24 to 26%



Strike an arc and hold a short arc or touch the electrode to base metal. Stringer beads are used since the weld metal wets and flows out, eliminating the need for weaving. Oscillation of the electrode in the direction of travel when welding out of position will permit the molten metal to ‘Set up’ so the welder will have better control of the deposited bead. Slag is easily removed after each pass with light chipping and brushing.

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2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm


5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 45Kg, 75Kg


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