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Astro HS95 Hardfacing Alloy

High Nickel Alloy Overlay to Resist Severe Abrasion 60 R.C.

Astro HS95 is a nickel base hardfacing alloy to resist severe abrasion, torch application.

From: $405.90 (includes shipping across Australia)



Hardfacing alloy with a nickel base gives excellent resistance to severe abrasion, corrosion and galling.  Astro HS-95 will retain its hardness in temperatures as high as 540C (1000F)



  • Tensile Strength: Up to 200 Mpa (30,000 P.S.I.)
  • Hardness: 57-60 R.C.
  • Deposit: Magnetic



Recommended for use where metal to metal wear is involved; also for overlays subjected to severe abrasion and corrosion.  Commonly used on valves, conveyors, cams, seal rings and cement pump screws.  Astro HS-95 can be applied to carbon steels, alloyed steels and high chromium steels, cast iron, copper and nickel base alloys.



Clean the base metal.

A slight carburizing flame is recommended.

Heat a small area to a dull red heat, keeping the intermediate cone of the flame in contact with the base metal.

A technique similar to brazing should be used.

The deposit will spread evenly over the heated area; it should be smooth and not have ripples or craters on the surface.

Allow deposit to cool slowly, then grind to desired shape.

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