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Astro 377 High Tensile

Buildup alloy for High Strength Manganese and Carbon Steels

Astro 377 is a high recovery, rutile electrode for welding 14% Manganese steels, carbon steel, un-alloyed steel and high-alloy steels joined to un-alloyed steels. Excellent crack free deposit.

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Astro 377 is high in alloy content, extremely deformation resistant and has 2-4 times greater wear resistance than work hardened austenitic manganese steel.  Astro 377 contains approximately 34% alloy, properly balanced to perform the dual purpose of a work-hardening wear-resistant buildup alloy and also a high strength welding alloy. The alloy is austenitic and produces tough, crack resistant welds. Astro 377 can be used AC or DC, in all positions.



Repair of manganese steel buckets and shovels, tramways and rail fittings, dredger equipment, high tensile tools and dies, buffer layers on cast steels, armour plate.

Buffer layers on crack-sensitive steels and cavitation damage of water turbines and most ‘hard to weld’ steels.



Tensile strength: Up to 600Mpa (87,000 P.S.I.)
Yield strength: Up to 350Mpa (50,000 P.S.I.)
Hardness: 25RC
(after work hardening) 45RC
Elongation: approx 40%
Charpy V-Notch 100J@20C



Clean weld area of all foreign material. When welding high-carbon steel, preheat to 200C. (Do not preheat manganese steel). Strike an arc and hold a short arc or touch the electrode to the base metal. Use stringer beads, do not weave and let each bead cool before removing slag. Slag is easily removed after each pass with light chipping and brushing.

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Weight 2.5 kg

2.5mm, 3.2mm


2.5Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 45Kg


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