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Astro 930 Hardfacing Alloy

Build Up Alloy for Heavy Impact and Light Abrasion
Machinable Overlay that Resists Mild Abrasion and Severe Impact on Ferrous Metals

From: $275.30 (includes shipping across Australia)



Astro 930 is a superior, super tough build up alloy.  It is an excellent all positional electrode, deposits are machinable, forge-able and respond well to heat treatment.  Astro 930 is suitable as a base alloy for hardfacing overlays free of under-bead cracking.

  • Excellent welding characteristics in all positions
  • Machinable as welded
  • No porosity
  • Flame hardened
  • Smooth overlay minimum of finishing



Recommended for buildup on parts subjected to moderate abrasion, severe impact and corrosion.  Ideal for buildup on railway line, tractor rollers, idlers, sprockets, concrete mixer blades, coupling boxes, forging hammer dies, steel mill wobblers, bearing journals and other carbon steel parts requiring machining after welding or buildup prior to hardfacing.

Commonly used as an underlay and cushion for harder, more abrasion resistant deposits.



  • Tensile strength: 102,000 P.S.I. (700MPa)
  • Hardness: 35-39 R.C.

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